Main Function

  • Provide venues for conferences, talks, seminars, performances and other related activities
  • Process internal and external venue applications
  • Coordinate the basic equipment and support for the venues 

Scope of Services

In order to cope with the idea of resources sharing, the venues of UM such as University Hall, Conference Hall, Lecture Theatres, Booths, Classrooms and Plaza on campus are available for rental to hold different kind of activities.

VenueLocationVenue InformationCapacity
HallN2 - University Hall *Seats and Stage
Rehearsal Room-
Conferences / PerformancesE31 - Student Activity Centre Theatre *Theatre243
E2 - UM Wu Yee Sun Library *Auditorium, (E2 – G012)145
N1 - UM Guest HouseMulti-function Hall (N1 - G008, G014, G018)
Able to sub-divide into 3 individual rooms with a capacity of 200 seats each
ClassroomsLocated in different teaching buildings-25 – 60
Lecture TheatresLocated in different teaching buildings *-70 – 370
On-Campus BoothsE3 - BOC Centennial Building3m² / 6m²-
E4 - Anthony Lau Building3m² / 6m²-
Outdoor VenuesLibrary Plaza
Student Activity Centre Plaza

* Equipped with Assistive Listening Devices and Designated Wheelchair Spaces

Please refer to the link below for the tariff.  (Chinese version) (Portuguese version)

Classrooms and lecture theatres are mainly used for lectures, examinations, seminars and other academic activities. For short-term classroom reservation, internal application should be submitted to FDS through classroom booking system. Classroom sizes are varied, from 6 seats classroom to around 200 seats lecture theatre.

Designated banner spaces are available on campus for promotion of internal academic events, student activities and other UM events.

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Other Applicants:

Our Venues

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Events that held on campus include but not limited to: Government recruitment examination, concert, triathlon, running activity, cycling activity, charity walk, cultural & art performance, academic events and other activities.

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