To meet the University community’s needs and expectations by managing and continuous improving the campus facilities and environment, like staff quarters, venues and outlets.


Facility Development Section (FDS) is a section under the supervision of Campus Management and Development Office (CMDO). It is responsible for the management and improvement of the campus facilities.

Its 5 main functional areas including Staff Housing, Outlet, Venue, Space Allocation as well as Facility Improvement Projects are working specifically at their designated area, but also closely linked and inseparable with each other.

Contact info.

FDS Office

Address: Room 3020, 3/F,  Administration Building N6
Tel: (853) 8822 8481 (Ms. Josephine Wo)
Tel: (853) 8822 8399 (Ms. Brenda Sou)
Fax: (853) 8822 2438
E-mail: fds.admin@um.edu.mo 

Outlets & Leasing
Tel: 8822 8531 (Ms. Beta Lam) / 8822 8798 (Mr. Dicky Lou)
E-mail: fds.outlet@um.edu.mo
Venue & Promotion
Tel: 8822 8460 (Ms. Jaclyn Lei)
E-mail: fds.venue@um.edu.mo
Staff Housing
Tel: 8822 8478 (Ms. Hapi Lam) / 8822 8449 (Ms. Celia Choi)
E-mail: fds.staff_housing@um.edu.mo
Facility Improvement
Tel: 8822 8148(Ms. Sue Ng)
E-mail: fds.engineering@um.edu.mo
Space Allocation
Tel: 8822 8073 (Ms. Suzana Rodrigues)
E-mail: fds.space_allocation@um.edu.mo